Chrisjon Clarke, Owner-Operator

Hello, I'm Chrisjon Clarke - lifelong resident of Huntington, New York. I began working in this industry because I believed Orion could offer a higher level of service and workmanship at a better price point than my competitors and, in so doing, carve out a market for my business.

I am as firmly committed to customer experience and expectation today as when we first started and remain very much the linchpin behind our continued growth.

Workmanship and customer service are our highest values.


Thomas M., Plainview

Very professional & on time. Made my 20-year old driveway look like new. Did an amazing job cleaning up before and after work was complete. Highly recommend!

Mark S., Stonybrook

Chris was meticulous in every aspect of what needed to be done. He was careful, knowledgeable, professional, meticulous, and careful throughout the entire job. There is no question that I am very satisfied with the price, workmanship, and professionalism of Orion Asphalt Maintenance.

Kevin M., Glenhead

Personable, friendly, know what they are doing. This was the first seal coat on a new driveway. They made up a sand polymer mixture specific for the application. Advised us not to seal coat every year. Very honest.